Arduino light clapper project

To make this light, you’ll need:

Male to Female jump-leads to connect the bread-board to the audio board/relay Male to Male jump-leads to link between the breadboard tracks.
Arduino Compatible Board (though I may soon use an Arduino Pro Micro for its size)
Analogue/Digital sound board to detect analogue sound levels
Relay switch to switch on and off the lights Read more…

Computer Science Intern Revision Primer

In the coming few days as of writing this, I’ll be going through what will hopefully be two successful phone interviews for a *insert large company name* intern position this summer. Below are some areas of CS which I think may be likely to come up. Please keep in mind this was written in three days, so while I hope there may be few mistakes, some may have slipped by unnoticed.

Read more…

Convert avi to mp4 to stream via the Chromecast [Ubuntu]

I just bought a Chromecast in the name of laziness. Being able to cast youtube, netflix, twitch, my laptop web browser and more on an ordinary TV via HDMI is pretty cool, but there’s one big missing feature: streaming local media. As other blogs and reddit threads have mentioned, you can often hit Ctrl + O in Chrome and load a video into your browser, but not all media types are supported. Namely the avi format. Read more…

How to: Tether on a tethering restricted network [Ubuntu]

Lots of mobile operators don’t like you using your phone as an internet access point for other devices, even though you’re paying for a set amount of bandwidth. If this is the case, or you just fancy an SSH tunnel to securely use the internet, then this is for you.

To set up an SSH tunnel, you’ll want a VPS server. I highly recommend DigitalOcean as you’re able to spin up a VM and destroy it a few hours later, essentially costing you a few pennies to run your anonymous operation. Read more…

How to install Transmission Torrent downloader in CentOS 6

Looking online at some blogs which explain how to install Transmission torrent downloader, I’ve found that some of the links they give have expired, return 404’s or offer very out-dated versions of the downloader. As a result, here is how you can install the transmission daemon on CentOS 6 on a 32 bit machine:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
rpm -ivh rpmforge-release-0.5.2-2.el6.rf.i686.rpm
rpm -ivh

sudo yum install transmission*