Patrick Socha

I'm a nineteen year old developer from London, studying Computer Science at Swansea University.

I speak English and French natively and love working on back-end projects with various programming languages. I have also worked with both the Agile and Lean methodology.

Past projects include Riot Cleanup & PDF Tribute which were mentioned in BBC (News & Radio), Al Jazeera, New York Times, TechCrunch & more..

A few small steps towards staying private online

While this is by no means the best way towards staying private online, it's a small step in the right direction. If you're really paranoid about your laptop being watched, you're best bet is going to a random store, buying a laptop at random, ripping out the mic, speakers, wifi, ethernet, hot glue-g...

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Running a low-cost CDN

When running a growing site which is static content heavy, and eats through about ~350GB/400GB per month, paying for a CDN can be expensive. Especially when the majority of your visitors come from either Europe or USA. To compare my current setup to other CDN providers, I've tried to make the condit...

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Hello world!

So this is my new blogging system, using 0 lines of SQL or NoSQL, purely files, and a nice little bit of simple, clean code to patch everything up.

The platform is written in php and supports Markdown for text formatting. Each document is saved with JSON for easy parsing of the title, c...

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